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Blog Revamp!!

The club blogpage will be undergoing a revamp between 29th Jul 2017- 3rd Aug 2017 so if you experience the blog layout and content looking different this next week, do not be alarmed. It is just us bringing our page to new heights. Do bear with us during this transision. 
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Announcement: 2016 May 24 Meeting

Dear all, please be noted that our next meeting on Tuesday, May 24th will be conducted  as usual, Regular Meeting then follow by a closed doors for AGM. Only active members of Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club are eligible to attend the AGM meeting.
Thank you for your cooperation =)

Ice Breaker speech by Victor Tan

Ice Breaker speech by Victor Tan:

Introduction Fellow toastmasters, today I want to introduce to you a person that I used to know, someone whom I hold close to my heart, someone who I missed so much and someone whom I hope soon can be a part of my life again.
He is always happy, full of imagination and adventurous. He makes fun of himself and likes to keep life as lightweightas possible. He is also light hearted, humorous and creativeas well. And most of the time he is liked by many because he is positive and happy go lucky. I believe he used to see the best in people around him and he wish people see the best in him as well.He was a fun and protective brother, a chivalrous friend, and a stranger you can trust.
He is very passionate in the things that he likes. He loves cars a lot (he even wishes his first car goodnight), he love comics and games. He didn’t like girls at the beginning; he loved them too much after. He loves poetry, pretty useful to woo girls. He has plenty of friends. He …

Shanghai Splendor 华丽上海 - Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club 30th Anniversary & Club Officers Installation Dinner on 1st August 2015